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Fully Responsive

All our themes are fully responsive hence it perfectly fit to any screen and your desktop monitors, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, or any other devices.Our theme is optimized in a best way and hence it loads everything very quickly on any devices.


Retina Ready Image

We produce retina-ready images and graphics for our themes with CSS background images, several icons and buttons, favicons, etc. Hence, your website is compatible with any device that has high-resolution screens. Hence, you can view our theme preview on any retina screen.


SEO Friendly

We pay special attention to SEO issues of our themes. We take every step to promote your site and easy noticeable on any search engine. Our themes are search engine optimized so that you can rank well in every search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google etc.


Cross Browser

Our themes are always well-tested and hence they are compatible for all types of browsers. All our themes are also not complaint with the web standards. We have studied deeply about the functioning of the browsers and hence we design such themes that are compatible with any browser.


1-Click Install

You can install our themes very easy, just by clicking the “Activate” button on the theme area.  Your theme is ready, pre-loaded with default content including images. Now all you have to do, is edit the text and add your own images and your website is ready.


Lifetime Support

If you purchase themes from us, then we provide you lifetime support. You should become our lifetime member and we provide you lifetime support when you want modify, update or upgrade your theme and experience technical problems.


Solid & Clean Code

Our themes consist of clean and solid codes that are built using the Bootstrap framework, so that they can be easily customized. Our themes usually provide short and easy codes, so that they are easy to use.


Solid Frame Work

All our themes consist of solid framework and hence they are compatible with any mobile devices or app devices.  Our themes hence consist of solid codes and features for easy customization of themes. Hence, it even updates automatically.



We use such short codes that are easy to use and customizable. You can use those shortcodes for your WebPages, posts or even widgets, password protection, quotes etc.    You can easily design and organize your posts using our themes because we provide you large collection of shortcodes.


Themes Options

Our themes are designed with several setting panels and options and hence you can enhance and modify your theme. You can adjust your theme in many ways such as adding logos, changing the font, style and the design of the theme, inserting ad space, inserting tracking code etc.


Features & Quality

Our themes consist of many powerful features and our templates are easily customizable.  Our themes consist of many HTML5 and CSS3 features.  We provide advanced Wordpress themes. Usually, we design unique themes that cannot be found anywhere.


Regular Theme Update

We consistently update and improve our themes. Our themes are constantly updated because they should be more compatible with Wordpress and some plugins. We never erase our old themes, but instead we improve our existing themes.

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What Our Customers Say


GAMThemes professionals are highly knowledgeable and dedicated to their work and produce the high-quality software development solutions. It was nice to work with them.

-Sakattar Singh, Owner, Sona Food Traders, Germany

GAM Themes is the right choice to work with. GAM Themes professionals are quite experienced, punctual and understanding that made me easy to work with them. They are always ready to take software challenges of any complexity and produce the reasonable solutions.

-Arvind Wegner, Owner, Samtog UG, Germany

It was highly satisfactory to work with GAM Themes professionals as they are quite compatible to our work environment and respond immediately in case of any concern. They have provided frequent progress updates and delivered the project on the specified time.

-Hamit Pekcan, Project Manager, X-SES GmbH,Germany

We are really happy with the web site design and integration GAM Themes did for our company. Of course we had a number of requests to change certain things, and this was not a problem for the GAM Themes team. They maintain a professional attitude at all times and we would highly recommend them. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

-David Coletta, Director, Simunich GmbH, Germany

GAM Themes is an excellent company. They are fast, reliable, and always go the extra mile for the client. I highly recommend them. GAM Themes is an excellent company.

-Michael Coleman, CEO, Officeexcellence Inc, United States

GAM Themes did very good work. They were very fast and the sourcecode is clean and does exactly what we want. I highly recommend them and we will definitely work together again.

-E. Falke, CEO, Falke Soft GmbH, Germany

GAM Themes has provided us quality service at a very affordable price. They work with us in order to meet client expectations and have even sacrificed holidays and weekends to accommodate our needs.

-Adam Scheid, CEO,Mountain Marketing Solutions, USA

Many thanks to GAM Themes who made big efforts to match with our specific requirements. Good implication in the project and reactivity. A very committed team doing its best to deliver a quality and reliable service, anytime! GAM Themes has provided us quality service at a very affordable price. They work with us in order to meet client expectations and have even sacrificed holidays and weekends to accommodate our needs.

-Thomas Barikosky, Director, Administrative Solutions (, France

Instead to describe many words the work itself talks which is here: However its my pleasure to share the whole experience to work with Gamsoftware Team is excellent or would say 5 Star...The excellent prompt support team the shining star. the team take care very fine details personally in German we "Kleinigkeit"...Once again I must congratulate Gamsoftware by doing excellent job...keep doing the same you have to go long way. Many thanks

-Dhruv Kasavala, Owner, PreciTrack3D GmbH, Germany

GAM Themes has been has had a HUGE impact on our new project developments. They are fast, responsive, professional and most importantly knowledgeable. We have completed one project and are working on several more with GAM Themes. I look forward to working with them for a long time to come. It is also worth mentioning that it is my experience with GAM Themes we have always gotten MORE than we paid for. I highly recommend trying these guys

-Scott Denton, Owner, Recon-Trading GmbH, Germany